Sarah Unwin Reflexology, Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

Sarah Unwin Reflexology, Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

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tel: 07957 123 617

Reflexology for Schools & Colleges

I have been working in Primary schools since 2008 (treating 7-11 year olds) and Secondary schools since 2009 (treating 11-18 year olds) focusing on ADHD, aspergers syndrome and problem behaviour.

Reflexology is very well received by the students, and being a non invasive treatment only shoes and socks need be removed and therefore it is easy to fit in with the school day.

I have received excellent feedback from parents, teachers and the students themselves.

A significant improvement has been shown in:

I have extended this work to treating staff and students at a Higher Education college. The students have found reflexology helps concentration levels, relieve stress, boost their immune system so helping with attendance and providing great benefit around exam times and through each term.

Reflexology in schools and colleges


“Reflexology fits in to the school day easily. It is a good way of helping the children with any feelings of stress and anxiety, allowing our pupils to return to class and continue with work effectively, the treatment also helps to boost confidence and self esteem.”

Mr James Fernie, Head teacher
Byron Primary School, Gillingham


“Since starting my weekly reflexology sessions last September with Sarah. I feel I have a new lease of life and I can’t thank her enough. I can say without hesitation that the pain that I was suffering daily from my knees has almost disappeared.

In addition I have suffered with seasonal Adjustment Disorder for many years often resulting in a period of time off work during the winter months and taking anti-depressants. This Winter although being recorded as one of the longest, coldest and wettest on record for many years, has been a revelation, no time off work, and no visits to the doctor.”

Thank you Sarah

Felicity, Hadlow College